Bath Time

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Day 25: Free At Last!

1/19/2015: Today is Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day, my younger brother’s 30th birthday and, quite notably for us, this is the day that both the boys are, for the first time, home together. Free at last! These last couple days and nights have been quite challenging, hence the recent blog post delay, but we are so overjoyed and awed […]

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Day 22: Thank You!

Wow! It is Friday, January 16, 2015 and the boys are three weeks old today. Today is special not only because they are three weeks old but also because Travis has had his feeding tube removed and we can see all of his beautiful face today! He had his ‘circ’ done this morning and did very […]

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Day 21: Trenton’s “Circ”

1/15/15: Trenton was circumcised this afternoon. He did very well; in fact, they said he didn’t cry at all during the procedure. He, of course, received special attention all day. Now mom and dad are nervous about changing his little diaper. Hopefully, when he comes home he won’t be too sensitive. Big little brother’s turn is […]

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