Day 20

Wednesday, 1/14/2015 Trenton had an episode this morning around 6 am where his heart rate and oxygen levels dropped significantly for a period of time. Since this happened they will want to keep him at least five days more without incident before they release him. The good news is that they have changed the number […]

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Day 18: Face Off

1/12/2015 Earlier today, the twins were both up and looking at each other! This was a first moment! Before now, one was always asleep when they were together. The boys are both gaining weight and showing improvements in every area. They recently began to receive multi-vitamin drops to combat anemia which is customary for infants […]

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Day 17: Together

Below is a picture of Travis and Trenton (in that order). Trenton is gaining a lot of weight and catching up to his brother. Here, we think they are starting to look a whole lot alike! We love having them together.

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Day 14: Progress!

Today is 1/8/15 and the boys are doing very well. Trenton is eating as much as we can give him and he is gaining weight. He has had very short-lived episodes where his oxygen level drops and it is likely due to reflux which is common for preemies especially as their feeding levels are increased. The doctors […]

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